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Spirit Light
An Energetic Activation Channeled Through Shabnam Hashemi

“The alchemy of the heart and the mind gives birth to our divine spark, which guides us to become who we are meant to be. From the inside out… I am an alchemist for this phenomenon through SPIRIT LIGHT.”

Shabnam Hashemi

Shabnam Hashemi

I’ve experienced many Reiki practitioners and healings in my life, but Shabnam stands out among them.

A treatment from her takes you on a journey through your internal world that brings greater mental-emotional clarity and increased inner balance, peace, and strength.

I always feel blockages removed and energy flow brought to greater harmony after a session with her–and I can sense ongoing progress long afterward. She puts you at ease from the start of a session and places the whole process in context at the end.

I feel like I’ve been brought home to myself after working with her, a deepening magnified over repeated treatments. I’d recommend her to anyone, from people completely new to Reiki to those seeking a more advanced form with long-lasting effects.

Robert C.

Holistic Educator, Providence, RI

I am a spiritual practitioner and believe that anything is possible, but when I’m facing a challenge in life, my mind is too often my enemy. This has affected me on a physical level, where I feel like I’m imprisoned in my own head.

When I experienced SPIRIT LIGHT with Shabnam, I could literally feel like my head was expanding, like the blocks and limiting thoughts simply stepped out of the way. I felt in those few minutes like I was infinite, my energy field stretched out into the galaxy – I felt like I was at one with a greater truth and power. That feeling sustained me for days going forward, and I was able to make some powerful decisions that allowed me to stand in my independence and move forward in my career and relationships.

This work has had a real impact on my life, and allowed me to not just believe, but also feel on a physical level, the reality that I can truly do anything, and I have the power to fully direct my own life.

K. Xie