Shabnam Hashemi

Shabnam Hashemi


Shabnam Hashemi BSN, RN, Gc-C, RMT has been studying energy medicine since 2002. Coming from a traditional medical background. she was intrigued by how energy work can facilitate the body’s own natural healing.
Shabnam has an extensive background in both Western and Eastern medicine. She believes that a balanced approach in anything in life is key. Shabnam is committed to educating and empowering clients to achieve wellness, by using a practical, holistic approach.

She finished her undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Roger Williams University, and later became Board Certified in Laboratory Medicine. She also received a Graduate Certificate in Public Health from Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Rhode Island College. Shabnam is a Board Certified Nurse Care Manager and has worked successfully with patients suffering from chronic pain, addictions, grief and life-threatening illnesses.

Shabnam Hashemi practices her energy healing in a way that transcends traditional form, enhanced by special gifts bringing her work to a higher level. Her approach offers others not only deep integration of separated aspects of the Self, but profound insight into both the causes of imbalance and pathways to greater wholeness. A natural ability to journey through the client’s inner landscape during healing sessions allows her to see the energetic source of issues and witness their resolution in real-time. By sharing her visions with clients, each are empowered to understand and participate in their own healing journey. This interactive dimension to healing adds to the unique energy ‘signature’ that make her treatments uncommonly powerful.

Shabnam is nationally recognized in healing arts and has spoken at events in RI, CA, FL. She holds group sessions and retreats as well as private sessions.

She loves the ocean, and nature in general. She is a mother to an amazing daughter who is an entrepreneur, and she enjoys walks by the water when she is not working!

“I believe in being an example of love over fear. I also feel that we all have the ability, and the responsibility to do our part to heal from inside out.”

“Sharing my experiences and knowledge in the area of grief and loss, I feel it a calling to help those who have suffered with grief find balance in their life.”