How does it work?

Through my experience with SPIRIT LIGHT, it is apparent that a comprehensive program benefits the client the most. The sessions are experiential. A series of 3 is ideal to get maximum benefit and start the path of resolving blocks. Each session is unique to the situation at the time of the call, or a continuation of a previous session. After the 3 sessions, if more issues surface, follow up sessions may be necessary.

Individual sessions help you move forward in your path, often by a shift in your perception (i.e. nothing is impossible, or a sense of relief from stress or ruminating thoughts).

Simply, during a session:

  • You will learn what is blocking you, causing the issue
  • Receive powerful healing
  • Receive tools and guidance to continue to do your work at home to sustain the benefits, including a free gift of a card with a geometric symbol infused with SPIRIT LIGHT.
  • Receive a recap of your session by email to review the session at your leisure

Sessions are held by phone or Skype. Some basic information may be asked through email prior to the first call. During the session, after a guided meditation, SPIRIT LIGHT activation takes place, which opens the channels for expansion. Healing energy is provided and any messages or guidance received are conveyed after the session. An oracle card message or shamanic Mesa reading is also performed to answer any questions, as appropriate. A synopsis of the session is emailed to the client for reference.

The follow up 2 sessions continue the process of unfolding and releasing the blocks, in a similar fashion.

For 7 days after the 3rd session, I am available by phone or email to answer any questions, and to provide more mentoring and guidance.

The cost of a single session is $237. Total for a 3 session experience is $611 ($100 saving). This includes the week of mentorship, tools for working on your healing at home, and a free gift of a card with Sacred Geometry symbol infused with SPIRIT LIGHT that you can use for continuous healing.

I invite you to call for a complimentary 15 minute session to introduce you to the SPIRIT LIGHT.

Try a 15 minute, no cost demonstration.