SPIRIT LIGHT Energy Activation

Healing from Within and Without

“Everyone has an ultimate potential and true self that is hiding in the shadows of conditioning. I am aware of that and want to reach that potential, and once and for all release the binds that hold me back.

I know that true healing from the conditioning is possible. That finding out what my purpose is, and following the path to fulfill that purpose can be achieved. That it is possible to raise your vibration, and sustain it. Because by doing that you can live a full life and help others do the same.”

Are you at crossroads in life? Do you want to expand your co-creation with Spirit?

Do you believe that each of us is here to contribute and be of service?

Do you practice healing arts, and are in search of a more expansive energy to work with?

Have you experienced trauma, grief, or suffer from chronic pain or illness?

Are you in need of an “Energy make-over”?

You were guided here by synchronicity… SPIRIT LIGHT is an Energy channeled through Shabnam Hashemi.
The results of this Energy Make-over are:


  • more energy and productivity
  • refreshed sense of who you are
  • clarity of purpose and mission
  • increased awareness of your physical body and energetic body
  • feel more empowered, confident, hopeful
  • know you are truly unlimited
  • get full validation and support of yourself as a co-creator
  • knowing that anything is possible
  • release your mental blocks..”get out of your head” literally
  • heal from within and without