Wellness in Life Transitions

Welcome to Wellness Giveaway. Here are some simple tools to help you move through life’s changes with grace and experience what it means to Live Well. An accompanying meditation is included at the bottom. Enjoy!


Living well consists of being able to move through the waves of change with Grace. It’s about being fully in the moment. The more we resist change, the more difficult it gets to move through it. If you have ever watched surfers, they wait for a big wave, and they either hop on it and ride, hop on it and wipe out, or just stay neutral till the next wave comes. There is a calm surrender to their attitude. Knowing well they cannot resist the ocean, they behave according to their ability at the moment. And it’s all ok…

Same attitude can be applied to how we live life. Life is a transition. We are born, we are constantly in flux with growing through time and then we die. Death is the only constant. Yet we manage to deny its existence or prepare for it. Being mindful of death and not afraid of it, can teach us how to live fully and well. Here are some steps I have found useful:

  • Regularly check in with myself to review where I have been and where I’m headed
  • DO what I can do to make peace with what I haven’t or can’t accomplish. It really doesn’t matter
  • Make peace with loved ones and stay in touch with them
  • Use Good words, Good Deeds, Good thoughts
  • Contemplate on my end of life and make my wishes known to my loved ones, and ask for their wishes. The earlier we have an idea about this the less stressful it becomes at the end.
  • Keep my mind and body as healthy as I can. Regular meditation, connection with nature, and exercise, as well as a clean diet.