Energy Activation

An Energetic Activation Channeled Through Shabnam Hashemi

“The alchemy of the heart and the mind gives birth to our divine spark, which guides us to become who we are meant to be. From the inside out… I am an alchemist for this phenomenon.”

Shabnam Hashemi

Shabnam Hashemi


How it works

The sessions are experiential. To achieve maximum benefit, more than one session maybe necessary. Each session is unique to the situation at the time of the call, or a continuation of a previous session. An individual session can last between 60-90 minutes.

Individual sessions help you move forward in your path, often by a shift in your perception (i.e. nothing is impossible, or a sense of relief from stress or ruminating thoughts). The sessions are helpful for issues such as grief and loss, anxiety, chronic illness and pain, feeling generally “stuck”. .

Simply, during a session:

• You will learn what is blocking you, causing the issue
• Receive powerful healing
• Receive tools and guidance to continue to do your work at home to sustain the benefits.
• Receive a recap of your session by email to review the session at your leisure

Sessions are held by phone, Zoom or Skype, or in person if local. Some basic information may be asked through email prior to the first call. During the session, after a guided meditation, healing energy is provided and any messages or guidance received are conveyed after the session. An oracle card message or shamanic Mesa reading is also performed to answer any questions, as appropriate. A synopsis of the session is emailed to the client for reference.

The first session serves as an introduction and to gather information and set expectation, as well as starting the process of healing. In the case of grief, background information and stages of grief will be discussed prior to providing the healing. Subsequent sessions move the client through the process and more tools will be provided and practiced.

For 7 days after the last session, I am available by phone or email to answer any questions, and to provide more mentoring and guidance.

The investment for the work is as follows: First session, $195, subsequent sessions $150 per session. This includes the week of mentorship, as well as tools for working on your healing at home.

Financial considerations and scholarships available on a limited basis. Discounts for multiple sessions (if bought together) also apply. Please inquire further.

I’ve experienced many Reiki practitioners and healings in my life, but Shabnam stands out among them.

A treatment from her takes you on a journey through your internal world that brings greater mental-emotional clarity and increased inner balance, peace, and strength.

I always feel blockages removed and energy flow brought to greater harmony after a session with her–and I can sense ongoing progress long afterward. She puts you at ease from the start of a session and places the whole process in context at the end.

I feel like I’ve been brought home to myself after working with her, a deepening magnified over repeated treatments. I’d recommend her to anyone, from people completely new to Reiki to those seeking a more advanced form with long-lasting effects.

Robert C.

Holistic Educator, Providence, RI

Why a session with me?

Based on several years of clinical experience, I have learned techniques on coaching individuals and partnering with them to foster motivation and accountability in their healing journey. Through an individual plan made with the client’s input, small attainable goals are made and healing sessions designed around the goals. Of course the outcome of every session is based on what the client needs in that treatment. Ultimately, client works on releasing blocks as they present so that they can achieve and maintain balance, and align with their inner self.

I like to lead by example and guide people in the process of becoming their true self, and teaching them tools on how to sustain their energy.

Please email or call with any questions, and to make an appointment to start your journey to self – mastery. I look forward to being your guide.

I am a spiritual practitioner and believe that anything is possible, but when I’m facing a challenge in life, my mind is too often my enemy. This has affected me on a physical level, where I feel like I’m imprisoned in my own head.

When I experienced SPIRIT LIGHT with Shabnam, I could literally feel like my head was expanding, like the blocks and limiting thoughts simply stepped out of the way. I felt in those few minutes like I was infinite, my energy field stretched out into the galaxy – I felt like I was at one with a greater truth and power. That feeling sustained me for days going forward, and I was able to make some powerful decisions that allowed me to stand in my independence and move forward in my career and relationships.

This work has had a real impact on my life, and allowed me to not just believe, but also feel on a physical level, the reality that I can truly do anything, and I have the power to fully direct my own life.

K. Xie

Who is Shabnam?

Shabnam has an extensive background in both Western and Eastern medicine. She believes that a balanced approach in anything in life is key. Shabnam is committed to educating and empowering clients to achieve wellness, by using a practical, holistic approach.

Firmly grounded in her training and practice in Reiki (USUI/Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher), Inca (Quero) Shamanic Healing, Tong Ren, Clinical Aromatherapy, Craniosacral therapy, she draws from her experience to treat every individual based on their needs at each session.

Always learning from her practice and the ongoing mentorship of respected teachers, Shabnam’s services have evolved to include effective treatment of trauma; death, dying, grief and loss issues; as well as recovery from illness. Applying potent tools on the very forefront of energy medicine, she treats every person as a universe unto themselves, extending her intimate relationship with vital healing powers to all those she serves.

Her recent gift of channeling a higher frequency of energy has added another dimension to her abilities as a healer.

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