Relief 4 Grief

  Change happens in every moment in our lives. Grief and loss are part of our daily lives regardless of our perception. Any significant change can bring with it a feeling of grief or feeling of loss. Losing a loved one, divorce, moving, loss of a job, bankruptcy, break-up, the violence and other news happening on world stage.  How we accept and deal with them will either keep us rooted in fear, or enable us to move through and get on with our lives. It is important for us to be aware of our feelings of grief and loss, to access our inner being and give permission to ourselves to “be” with the emotions that come up.  We are taught to distract ourselves with our daily chores in order to take our minds off sadness. But this will only make healing more difficult.  Even though feeling the emotions can be heartbreaking, experiencing them and “riding the waves” so to speak help us move forward and heal.

Science suggests that grief changes our brain chemistry in a similar way that repeated stress does. Science also indicates that the damage can be reversed, if we are able to process the grief and train our brain and our outlook. Our genetic make-up determines how we cope with traumatic events.  Keeping in mind that this is a personal journey, and the process and outcome is exclusive to the person suffering, the methods and tools are proven to usher one through the grieving process, through the dark times.

If you are preparing for, or dealing with grief and loss, you can reach out to me at my new home, Hamrah Counseling.