What If Chronicles…

March 20, 2022

Every year around the time of the Equinox, which is also the start of the Persian calendar year, I evaluate the previous year, what I learned, what I could have done better, what I would like to bring into my life in the coming year and so on.

This year, as we are cautiously emerging from global events which prompted two of the most difficult years experienced in my lifetime (as well as everyone I know!), my annual pondering has a different perspective. With rising prices, and declining quality of life, and considering the unrest in the world which may have put us on the precipice of war, I am trying hard to find a silver lining in my daily life and keep a balanced view.

The phrase What If is yet again flashing in front of me. What if we had chosen a kinder approach to treating each other in the last two years, instead of giving into fear and judgement? What if we could use empathy and see the other for who they are instead of how they are behaving? What if we could see our own biases and not just the other people’s? There is an air of fear and doom still lingering in the collective psyche which is hovering over us like a dark cloud. What if we can hold a light in our hearts and reflect that light onto this cloud to diffuse it?

I recently saw a show that was about how an evil entity would enter individuals who were harboring emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and take over their body and mind. It could then order them to destroy those who were “good”. This entity entered a child who had lost his parents and was angry at the world. Only when his friend saw the small, scared boy inside of him and connected with him, could this child release the entity from his body.

What if as a species we choose to feed the good wolf inside rather than the bad one? Both within ourselves, and within others?

What would the world look like then??? What If?