I started practicing Tong Ren in October 2005. My sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and through one of her therapists, had found her way into a Tong Ren training. She spoke of the many people who were being helped, and how easy it was to learn. At that point, besides being a nurse, and a lab scientist, I was already practicing several complimentary modalities, and was seeing great results in my clients. Meanwhile, I was pretty disenchanted with the limitations of western medicine, and the one-sided narrow way that complimentary modalities were looked upon. I had been raised to believe that everything should be in balance for nature to work perfectly, so I was in search of balance, ie, Yin Yang in life. Additionally, I always tried what my sister came up with, because it usually had merit!!!

So I signed up for the training. Right away I was hooked by the way this method found its balance between the Eastern and the Western philosophies. Not to mention the way Tom Tam presented the course, which was easy to understand no matter what the student’s background was. Most importantly, he wanted everyone to be able to learn and practice this modality to get well, or support their loved ones in getting well.

And the intriguing part was the humility with which it was presented. The course was not outrageously priced, and the weekly classes where you could practice and treat anyone who walked in, was by donation only. In all the other modalities I had practiced, there was a focus on what you charged, so that your work was valued. With Tong Ren, it seemed that the work was valued by people no matter what they paid. And finally, there was HOPE for all, who had reached the limit of what western medicine could offer.

That was it. I had found my Yin Yang! In the weekly group sessions, I watched people get off of liver transplant lists, watched their cancer disappear, or get function back in their once failing joints or muscles. I watched diabetes disappear, and neurological illnesses improve. And all this happened, without any of the patients being discouraged from continuing with their western medicine treatments.

I continued to practice, but never fully delved into it, as I moved around a bit, and did not have enough confidence in myself to actually start a group class. Eventually, I settled down. Then took the plunge, and took Tom’s advice :”Just Do It”!! With that same attitude, I now have a growing weekly group class, and have a request to start another one. I have also been asked to teach Tong Ren. All of this happened in a matter of 2 months. So the Universe thinks I am ready!!!!

I seriously believe that Tong Ren can bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine in a way that other modalities haven’t been able to. It continuously evolves and grows. The number of countries where it is being practiced in also continues to expand. That in itself is a testimony to the effectiveness and validity of Tong Ren. Happy Tapping Everyone……